We just launched our KICKSTARTER this past week! We are so excited to announce that on September 5th we will be releasing our new record “Apple Of Your Eye”.

We recorded the album in Oakland, California at Tiny Telephone with an all star cast:

John Vanderslice, Jacob Winik, Elijah Ford, Rob Shelton & Jason Slota! This album was recorded analog and we are so proud of how it turned out! We feel that in order to honor the integrity of our music and art, the record needs to be released on Vinyl since it was made specifically with that in mind. 

You can help us release our record independently by supporting our kickstarter today!

And by doing so you will get “Apple of Your Eye” as soon as the kickstarter is fully funded! The sooner it’s funded the sooner you get to hear this wonderful masterpiece! 

click the link here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/appleofyoureye/von-strantz-vinyl and get your copy today 3 months before the release!